Best Indian lehengas to stand out on every occasion

Gone are the days when girls used to wear only maroons and red lehengas by pairing them with chunaris and cholis. Owing to the high demand for various fashions, rich embroidery, florals, pastels, and seasonal colors in lehenga cholis and blouses, here is a list of the latest unique lehengas to get inspired.

But before digging in further, let’s explore some tips on buying an amazing Indian lehenga choli.


Tips for buying designer lehenga choli online  

Before investing in a beautiful designer lehenga choli, you should consider below given few factors.

1. Always pair your designer lehenga with a blouse with a beautiful neckline, as it offers a stunning look.

2. Color is very important for designer lehenga, and make sure it complements your skin tone.

3. Choose a lehenga according to your body type.

4. Consider fabric and make sure the lehenga is according to the season. For example, Georgette lehengas are best suited for summer. However, silk and velvet are perfect for summer.

5. If you plan to get an online lehenga choli for your wedding, do not just go blindly behind design and colors. Check out important factors like jewelry, footwear, colors of the dupatta, accessories, and most importantly, the choli’s design.

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List of the most alluring lehenga choli you can wear on every occasion

There are many options for lehenga choli; however, most of you need clarification when it comes to buying a lehenga and choli for a specific occasion. But not more, as the below ideas will help you to select the best one for you

1. Classic embroidered lehenga and choli

Classic embroidered lehengas are all about minimalist charm and elegance, which is more than worth a shot. Exclusively handcrafted embroidered lehengas with unique visual elements like beads, gotapati, and zari always go in fashion. These intricate patterns and styles are perfect for enhancing the choli and lehenga’s beauty and are also on the top list of trending designer lehengas to select from.  

2. Pay attention to trendy frills in pastel colors.

Pastels are great, and with ruffle concept in lehenga choli is perfect to look great. So, spice your occasion with floral designs and a ruffled hem, providing you with a regal look. With this, you will surely get an understated yet stunning look even if you wear heavy earrings or minimal jewelry. This is the best style for women with a smaller waist and wants to add volume. With this, you are going to get an amazing formal look.

3. Black is the new evergreen now.

Black is mystical and stunning and always inspires awe in all who see it. The amazing combination of black designer lehenga with golden hints results in an amazing designer look, which you can further highlight with embellished embroidery on the choli. It will add oodles of glamour and grace, which will grab the attention of everyone.

4. Floral is the Way to Go!

Flowers add zeal, complication, subtle charm, and some coolness to your developer lehenga. The flowery print can be worn in numerous different ways. Try a flowing flowery lehenga with a simple dupatta and brace it with a solid differing choli.

Add glamor and fineness to your outfit that can be nominated in numerous ways. You could also try a single-tone lehenga with a flowery choli and dupatta, which gives you a good and royal look.

5. The Glamorous Beige and Gold

You must move over the brightly colored lehengas and stick to dazing faceless and gold. This golden lehenga defines class in one word when done up with a stretched gold blouse and a flowing subcaste! Match it with a swish dupatta, go minimum with your jewelry, and see how it impeccably suits every formal event.

6. The Net no way Goes Out of Fashion

Net lehengas are an excellent choice that will turn heads and set you piecemeal from the crowd with their stunning simplicity. You can find colorful styles of net lehengas in mesmerizing tones and delicate designs. The stylish part about this style is the lightness and solidness of the fabric, which keeps you comfortable.

7. Confused About Colours? – Gomuti-Coloured

Multi-colored lehengas are the in-thing moment, and numerous fashion contrivers are bringing this trend on their ramp-walks. Investing in an ultramodern multi-colored lehenga is perfect for occasions like Mehdi, amalgamations, or regale nights. You can conclude with a cut design or an exaggerated fabric that draws the eye to your flowing skirt’s perfect admixture of colorful colors. This is one of the ultramodern lehengas you’ve wanted to try. 

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What is the difference between lehenga and choli?

Lehenga and Choli are two corridors of one vesture. Lehenga is the vesture’s lower part, worn below the nexus. It’s upheld by an elastic or a thread appertained to as Nada in Hindi. In comparison, Choli is the upper part of the vesture that is generally of the same color or differing.

Why are lehengas so heavy?

Embroidery adds a lot of weight to the lehenga. A workshop like Zardozi and Gravestone will surely look gorgeous on you but will circumscribe you in numerous ways. But it can affect in pangs and pains after your marriage fete.

Which fabric is comfortable for lehenga?

When choosing a lehenga, it’s important to consider what time of day you will be wearing it. However, conclude for a lighter fabric like cotton or chiffon, If you are looking for a lehenga to wear during the day. These porous fabrics will keep you cool and comfortable during the day. However, go for a heavier fabric like silk or velvet, If you are looking for a lehenga to wear in the evening. These fabrics will trim beautifully and make you feel like a glamorous goddess in the evening.

Should we wear a bra with a choli? 

What bra should you wear with your lehenga choli? The answer depends on the neckline and cuts of your outfit. However, go for a plunge bra to produce redundant fractionalization, If you’re wearing a deep V- or plunging neckline. Try a strapless bra for high necklines or boat necks to keep your look satiny and polished. And if you have a sheer lehenga choli, choose a natural color bra to avoid showing too important skin. Eventually, it’s important to consider how each element of your outfit will work together and choose the right bra to round it. These tips make you feel confident and beautiful in any lehenga choli.


A developer lehenga is precious and should be exceptional, but comfort always comes first when choosing the stylish matrimonial lehenga. Go for vibrant tones that will buck up your look while beaming fineness and kingliness. Match your lehenga with the ideal blouse and enhance your look with swish accessories and jewelry. The trends mentioned above should help you choose the most ultramodern and trending lehenga for yourself. 

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