Best Hairstyles For Long Dark Hair 2022

Complete salon operations with correct home maintenance and the right style products to keep long dark hair appearing strong, healthy, and attractive. Let’s work together to improve the length of your hair, keep it brunette, and create flattering hairstyles for your stunning dark locks! We have various hairstyles for long dark hair. Continue reading! 


Looking for a hair makeover in the middle of the year but can’t part with your long tresses? Choose layered hairstyles that are long and layered. To include more depth and dimension to longer, thicker hairs, both fine and thick layered hairstyles can be used.

When you request layers, the hairstylist will cut your hair into various lengths. Depending on your facial shape, the exact position and length will be altered.

While soft subtle layers look great on the oval face, A long hairstyle with layers is a great method to add 

  • Movement
  • Structure, and 
  • Bounce 

to your head without making a major modification.

Straight Layered Hair

If you want to use the root volume, use a blow dryer before straightening. To remove flyaways and keep things neat, use a straightener.

Long Hair with Short Layers

To add body and movement to your fun, keep the space between your layers short and enjoy dynamic short layers.

V-Cut Hair with Layers. 

With curls or straight locks, the ‘V shape’ is particularly lovely from behind. Your thick hair may be worn loose without getting in the way thanks to the short layers at the front of your hair.

Long Braids

There is a genuine braid for every occasion. It’s best for long hair since you can do a lot more than you think. This is the most popular long dark hairstyle for women since it is both attractive and simple to achieve.

Even though you may do this hairstyle at any time or on any day, it’s still ideal for summer. This haircut will enhance your natural beauty.

Dramatic Triple Braid

Give this dramatic yet simple triple braid hairdo a try if you’re looking for new ways to style your voluminous, long strands. With a simple shirt and a pair of rugged denim trousers, you may rock this overdone hairdo. It’s never been so easy to look trendy!

Two-Way Dutch Braid

Functionality is the order of the day in today’s world, where we’re all trying to get the most out of everything! This ultra-chic Dutch braid hairstyle may be worn as a side braid or a braided updo! If you have thick, long hair, this haircut is quite attractive. Both looks are great on you, and you can pull them off at any time of day or night!

Twisted Fishtail Braid for Long Hair

Nothing beats giving a great hairdo a quirky twist! This beautiful fishtail braid variation is sure to turn heads everywhere you go! Try it out, and you’ll get some stunning Instagram-worthy photos!

Natural Long Curly Hair

Natural hair looks fantastic when worn long. So, keep your tresses moisturized and detangled on a regular basis, and don’t overwash them. The main objective is to have curls in the hairs that are The main objective is to have your hairs

  • Hydrated
  • Defined
  • Little frizz 
  • Brittleness. 

Braid your magnificent long hair in a protective style every now and then to safeguard the fragile ends.

Just because your curls are still growing, you will not lose the length and volume of your hair when you remove the protective hairstyle.

Braided bun

This gorgeous high bun with three braids and placed borders is great for a special supper or an evening wedding.

Messy cascade

Gather the remaining hairs and tie them tightly on your head with two scrunchies and a bunch of bobby pins. Any loose curls can be bobby pins or left out for a “messy bun” style.

Twisted And Topped

This protective curling updo for a special occasion will stay a long time – in this example, two weeks! Stephanie, who lives in New Orleans, adds it can also be taken down to be rocked as all-over curls.

Long Dead Straight Hair

The essence of simplicity is long straight hair. Make sure your hairs are in fine condition because this is such a simple style that everybody can apply. Frizz and split ends have no place in this hairstyle; otherwise, it would appear messy and untidy.

Additionally, to avoid your hair looking like a solid block of color, request that your hairdresser add moderate highlights.

Because it does not distract from your face, long straight hair is a perfect canvas for showing make-up.

Layered locks

Without a doubt, the layered cut is the most attractive hairstyle for long hair. You may still preserve your length while experimenting with the style and texture. Many celebrities have chosen it as their go-to style since it offers numerous benefits. 

It gives your hair more volume and texture, and it keeps your lengthy locks from seeming uninteresting. In layered long hair, a messy bohemian braid, a bun, or even a ponytail is easy to arrange. 

You can go for step layers all the way down your back, starting with the first chop on your front hair and working your way up to the shoulders. This hairstyle is also flattering on all hair types and facial shapes.

Big on bangs

If you can’t seem to cut even an inch off your hair but yet want to change it up, we recommend the fantastic fringes to go with your long hair (of the same length, of course). Believe us when we say that long hair and bangs are a winning combination and a great way to switch up your style. 

Bangs are so adaptable that they may transform even the most unattractive haircut into something attractive. Do we really need to point out how cute your updos, braids, and half-up half-down hairstyles look with a fringe cut? No way! Choose from the wispy, curtain, parted, or baby bangs to give your hairdos a little edge.

Subtle layers

Multiple layers in the hair’s bottom half are a subtle approach to embracing the layered hairstyle. Simply request a layering haircut on the bottom 5-6 inches of your hair. Because it doesn’t have a striking texture or a length crop, styling this sort of hair is simple. 

To make this haircut more appealing and oh-so-gorgeous, we recommend lighter highlights or ombre hair color.


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