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Curious How To Friendzone Someone?

Curious How To Friendzone Someone?

The friendzone is a relationship limbo where you’re just friends with someone but would like to be more than that. Some of the people are okay with this arrangement, but if you want to move on and date other people, it’s essential to know how to “friendzone” someone properly so they don’t think you’re leading them on.

How to friendzone someone 

If you want to friendzone someone, it’s important not to lead them on or give mixed signals. This will only confuse the person about your intentions and probably make things awkward if they have feelings for you that go unacknowledged. Here are some tips on how to move on politely when you want nothing more than friendship.

First, never make plans with them or invite them along on social outings with friends. It might seem to mean at the time, but it’s better in the long run if you’re considerate of their feelings. If they want to be more than friends, they’ll have plenty of opportunities to find somebody who wants to date them. 

Second, never flirt with them or make physical contact like hugs and kisses on the cheek. If you want to move into that zone, it’s best to be direct about your feelings before you start making romantic gestures. If they’re interested in you, flirting will probably create an awkward situation where nobody knows how to act around each other. 

Third, if they ask you out on a date, turn them down gently but firmly. Please encourage them to find somebody who wants to be in a relationship with them. Explain that you like them as friends and don’t want to ruin that by dating each other, especially since you’re not looking for something serious.

What does it mean to be friend-zoned 

If you approach someone and they reject your requests to date them, it means you’ve officially been friendzoned. The person has no romantic interest in you, so don’t try to initiate a relationship with them again. Keep things professional at work if possible, but only remain friends on social media or through mutual friends if you still want to maintain a friendship that doesn’t have any romantic undertones. 

If the person is your coworker, try to avoid them as much as possible and don’t be surprised if they talk about dating other people around you. 

Being friendzoned isn’t always a bad thing since you can still help each other professionally and be there for emotional support. Sometimes, it’s better to be just friends than to be in a relationship that doesn’t work out.

Why do people get friend zoned 

Many people find themselves friendzoned because they only see the other person as a friend and not as a potential romantic partner. They might be more attracted to someone else at work or just want to focus on getting their personal life in order before dating anyone new. 

Other times, they might like someone who doesn’t reciprocate their feelings, which can be a difficult situation to deal with. The best thing you can try to do is remain friendly and understanding, even if the person sees you as a friend. If it’s a coworker who’s constantly talking about dating other people around you, try not to get offended by their actions because they’re simply unaware of how it makes you feel.

How can you avoid being friendzoned 

The best way to avoid being getting friendzoned, is to be upfront about your intentions from the beginning. You can say things like, “I really like you as a person and would love to date you if possible,” or, “You’re someone I want to pursue a relationship with.” If a coworker is constantly talking about dating other people, it’s best, to be honest with them about how you feel. You could say something like, “I know I’m just your friend, but hearing you talk about dating other people makes me feel sad because I have feelings for you.”

If they’re not looking for a relationship at the same time, try not to take it personally when they reject your requests to date them. You can still maintain a professional relationship at work but avoid creating an awkward situation by flirting with each other. If you’re unsure of how they feel about you, casually mention your interest in dating them again in the future just to see if there might be any potential for romance.

What are the benefits of being in a platonic relationship with someone 

Being friends with a person, you also want to date can seem like a tricky situation. Some people find it easier to maintain a strictly professional relationship at work, but it benefits dating your coworker. For example, if one of you gets transferred or is hired at another location, the friendship may continue even after you’re no longer colleagues.

Feeling confident enough to approach a coworker you’re interested in is another benefit. You know they won’t reject your requests for a date since you’ve already been friends with each other, so there’s no awkwardness or embarrassment if the person isn’t looking for anything serious. The friendship might even transition into something more serious when both of you are ready to date.

Things not to do when trying to date someone who is your best friend’s ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend 

If you’ve been friends with someone for a long time and they’re still in touch with their ex, it might be difficult to maintain a platonic relationship. The best thing is, to be honest about your feelings and reason with them. For example: “I like you and want to date you, but I know it would hurt (best friend’s name) if we started dating. I want to stay just friend with both of you, so can we agree not to date for now?”

If they don’t want to respect your wishes, it might be time to distance yourself from them. You could tell them something like: “I know (best friend’s name) has feelings for you, so I don’t want to risk losing the friendship. Please respect my feelings and stop trying to flirt or ask me out.”

You might also consider distancing yourself from (best friend’s name) if they keep pushing you two together. It’s best to be honest with them, the situation because you don’t want them to get hurt.


Telling someone, you’re not interested in them can be tough. One way to soften the blow is by being honest about your intentions and telling them that they are just a friend for now, but there’s always the potential for more down the line if things change. It may sound harsh at first, but it’s better than leading somebody on indefinitely when you have no intention of ever dating or becoming their significant other. 

However, before delivering this news to somebody trying hard to get close with you, especially the one who seems like an otherwise great match, you should make sure that they don’t want anything serious either to not hurt their feelings. This is something I learned from my own experience; because even though I was upfront about what


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