Beard Oil vs Beard Butter: What Is The Difference

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If you’re getting into beards or if you’ve been growing beard for a while but don’t know much about them, then this question might look familiar: I need to tame my beard. What’s the best way to do it? This is a very common question, and its answer depends on what you’re strictly looking for. 

In other words, two different beard grooming products can give your facial hair the divine shine and lustre you’re craving: beard oil and beard butter.

The following obvious questions are: what is the difference between these two products and which one should you choose?. Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to answer in this article!

What is beard oil, and what does it do?

As the name implies, Beard oil is an essential oil-based product that is made to moisturize and condition your beard. The reason why it’s beard oil rather than just a beard conditioner is that the best soils are usually rich in vitamins E and K, which nourish, strengthen and protect the hair follicles of your beard, which in turn will make it shinier and healthier.

Another thing that makes a good beard oil is its carrier oils. These are vegetable oils (usually obtained from nuts or seeds) that give the final product consistency and extra nutrients like vitamin E and fatty acids. You can choose one or more carrier oils to make your unique mix.

Beard oil vs beard butter: what is the difference?

As we mentioned before, beard butter and beard oil work differently to nourish your facial hair. The main function of oils such as coconut or grapeseed oil (usually found in most high-quality beard butter) is nourishment. 

They provide your skin and hair with essential fatty acids to moisturize and make your beard look healthier. On the other hand, beard butter are usually made from shea or cocoa butter (which gives them their grainy, thick consistency) and carrier oil. Shea and cocoa butter have been used for centuries by African and Caribbean populations to protect hair from sun damage and can help cure dry skin.

Another thing that makes beard oil and beard butter different is how your skin and hair absorb them. Beard oils are light enough to be quickly soaked up by the follicles, while butter (since they’re thicker) tend to retain moisture for longer. This means that your skin will feel softer even after all the product has been absorbed.

Why should I use beard oil instead of beard butter?

Men have used Beard butter for a long time now, and they’re still challenging beard oils as the most popular choice for beard grooming. Why is that? Well, there can be a few reasons: one of them is that a lot of guys think they’re more natural than oil-based products. While this might be true, beard oil is also made from natural ingredients, and their quality and effect on facial hair vary widely. Another reason for this “beard butter vs oil” dispute can be that some men like to choose a single product for all their beard grooming routine (obviously beard butter is thicker than most oils) which saves them both money and time.

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Benefits of using beard oil over other products

  • Some of the most significant benefits of using beard oil instead of other products (especially beard butter) are:
  • It gives off a longer-lasting effect because it’s absorbed much faster than butter by your skin and hair follicles.
  • It has a lighter consistency than butter, which means you can use as little as half a drop every time you apply it.
  • It has no added fragrances or dyes that can irritate your skin.

How to use beard oil

So now that we’ve explained what beard oils are let’s talk about how they should be used properly. The first thing you need to do is choose the right oil for your skin and beard type. Beard Oils come in many different fragrances, so it’s essential to pick one that goes well with your cologne.

You can use it by itself after showering (the steam will open up your pores and hair follicles, allowing the product to be absorbed easier) or combine it with beard balm or butter. The most recommended way to apply beard oil is by gently massaging your skin and hair, starting from the neck and working up. This will allow you to evenly distribute the product throughout your facial hair and skin, which will result in healthier and shinier facial hair.

Which beard oil is best for my type of skin?

There are a lot of beard oils on the market which is why we created a quiz that will help you find the Right one for your skin and hair.

Best Beard oil names the market

TOP 5 Beard Oils:

  1. One with One makes a great beard oil that uses 100% natural and organic ingredients and comes in a variety of fragrances you’re guaranteed to enjoy. Each bottle contains 1 fl oz (30ml) of more than enough product for your daily use (if you want somethingx stronger, check out their beard balm).
  1. Beardoholic offers a great selection of natural and organic beard oils that can be used daily to make your facial hair healthier and more manageable. They offer a wide range of scents for both men and women, so everyone can enjoy using these products. These oils are made from the highest quality ingredients and are never tested on animals which is why we recommend them to anyone looking for great beard oil.
  1. Honest Amish has been one of the leaders in men’s grooming products since 2004, offering handcrafted items that no man can resist. This natural beard oil comes in two fragrances (you can choose from either sandalwood & vanilla or cedarwood & nutmeg), and is 100% organic, so you can be sure that it’s not only better for your skin but also safe to use daily.
  1. Mountaineer Brand has created one of the best beard oils on the market using natural and essential oils (like cedarwood, argan oil, sweet almond, etc.) known for their superior effect on hair growth and skin moisturizing. This company uses only 100% natural ingredients in all their products, which is why you should check them out if you’re looking to get the most amazing results possible.
  1. Beardilizer has one of the best beard oils on the market, which you can only find online. Their beard oil is 100% natural and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t like it, they will refund your money without any problems. This company uses unique ingredients in all their products, which is why you should check them out if you’re looking for something that can deliver excellent results while also being safe to use daily.

DIY Beard oil

If you want to save money and have some fun in the process, then why don’t you try making your beard oil at home? It’s easier than you think (you’ll only need 3 ingredients), and it will give you a chance to create a truly unique product that you can use every day.

All you need is some jojoba oil, essential oils of your favourite fragrance and vitamin E oil (which acts as a preservative). To get the best results possible, mix all these ingredients in a bottle and make sure to shake it well before using it each day.


Beard oils are one of the best products you can use to make your beard look healthier and shinier while making it easier for your skin to absorb the entire product. If you want something that will give you results without causing any side effects, make sure to choose a natural oil that works great on all types of facial hair. 

Never underestimate the power of beard oil, which is why you should try it if you want to get impressive results.

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