5 Fashion trends every man should own in 2024

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For most of us, fashion, style, and outfits when mentioned, only mean female fashion. Many males complain that they don’t have many options when it comes to outfits. Most men don’t experiment with their outfits. They wear practically the same combinations day in and day out unknown of the fact that there can be better options too.  But in reality, even men have ample options where fashion and style are concerned. Men’s fashion has evolved over the years, from bell bottom pants to safaris to trousers and shirts to denim and shirts. 

5 fashion trends a man can own

A stylish formal suit:

Everyone needs a pair of suits at some point in life. It is generally worn during formal meetings. A black-tie event or gala or a corporate meeting demands a suit. A simple yet stylish suit paired with a luxury or formal watch, formal black or brown shoes, and an elegant belt completes your look. A grey suit with a white shirt is the new trend this season. You can also pair grey pants with a black shirt. 


Jumpsuits are mostly associated with people doing strenuous work. The sole reason why people in earlier days wore jumpsuits was for their comfort while working. These jumpsuits have become a fashion statement nowadays. Oversized jumpsuits have become a trend amongst the boys. It is perfect wear for any outings or lunches or casual local visits.  

Leather accessories:

Accessories are very important to finish your outfit. It is necessary to match your accessories to your outfit. Leather accessories are a staple for men’s wardrobes. To start with, leather shoes complement any formal outfit. Leather shoes give a classy look to the elegant suit. Comfort is the priority when it comes to shoes. Once your shoes match your outfit, then that is all that matters. Pair your leather shoes with a leather belt. Always match your belt color with your shoes to complete your look. You can also match your watch strap with your leather shoes and belt. A leather watch belt enhances your outfit and gives a formal look. But that same leather strap matches well with casual clothing too. A leather wallet enhances your personality. 

Baggy clothes:

Baggy clothes are in trend these days. They are also known as anti-fit clothes. The sole purpose of wearing baggy clothes is for comfort. It is light, breezy, and easy to wear. You have enough moving space in the baggy outfits. Well-fitted denim with an oversized t-shirt or a hoodie is the perfect casual outfit that looks stylish. Baggy high waist denim is trending again this year. Baggy clothes are most comfortable and suitable for traveling. You can wear baggy clothes for a casual outing or strolling or even for walks or gym. An oversized t-shirt paired with joggers is perfect for a workout on a warm day. A baggy shirt or t-shirt with loose shorts is ideal for home wear.  The most preferred outfit for the summer season or warm days is baggy clothes. 

Camouflage clothes:

Camouflage clothes have a very different vibe. Camouflage clothes were traditionally worn by military personnel. The camouflage clothes are used to hide, blend or disguise to capture military targets. The purpose of these clothes was to get very close to the enemy to overpower them. But since the 1980’s the camouflage style has become a fashion statement. It is said that wearing camouflage is the outcome of people’s love and respect for their military and country. The camouflage bottoms match well with any plain solid colour t-shirt. To make it more casual you can add a shirt over your t-shirt. Pair your camouflage bottoms with white sneakers to complete the look. Pair a camouflage t-shirt or shirt, with khaki pants, light-coloured chino, or cargo pants. The camouflage print can be of different colours. You not only get camouflage pants or t-shirts but you also get bags, slings, jackets, shoes, purses, and shorts. The camouflage bottom with a black or white t-shirt is a classic combination. The camouflage pattern gives a very casual look to the civilians when they wear it. A camouflage shirt rolled up with khaki-coloured pants and sneakers looks very trendy. 

Keeping up with the current fashion trend will only enhance men’s personalities. The aim of the fashion trend for this year is style without compromising on comfort. From stylish suits, comfy jumpsuits, leather accessories, baggy clothes, and camouflage patterns, men have various options to select from. Experimenting with new looks and outfits will help men to boost their confidence. 

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