Men’s Leather Jacket Buying Guide in 2024

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It’s appalling and fascinating at the same time that Men’s Leather Jackets never seem to lose their attitude, legacy, and, more importantly, style. Of course, leather jackets have been around since the 1900s. So perhaps their tendency will likely stay the same in the coming days. However, their traction started to gain more momentum during World War I, when early aviators and military men first wore them. From that point onwards, no one can deny their ultimate boldness on the fashion runway.

As a result, from celebrities and business people to men in the street, every man loves leather jackets for their hard-boiled swagger. Besides, no matter what you wear, leather jackets will ultimately tweak the look for mounted appeal; in short, they’ll make the typical outfit better-looking a thousand times when paired with them.

In a nutshell, leather jackets are undeniable wardrobe staples for everyone. However, when it comes to buying a Men’s Leather jacket, there are certain factors you must know. That’s because buying a quality leather jacket is deemed as a one-time large-investment plan, and you don’t want any mishap to eventuate. This post aims to reveal top shopping advice for your timeless wardrobe piece – A men’s Leather Jacket.

What Kinds of Leather Jackets Are There?

While there are so many options in the leather jacket, shopping for an apt one can be nothing but a challenge to encounter. That said, choose your apt leather jacket style from the following.

Biker Jacket

With the cropped design, metals, and asymmetric zips, the biker leather jacket comes in black for bad boys out there. This master design is crafted for motorcyclists to protect their bodies from heavy winds, dust, and rain. Whether you zip it to cover your torso or unzip it for a cool t-shirt view, biker leather jackets stand out for those who like to journey on their bikes. Pair this delight with denim jeans and a tee for a dazzling look that you would want to repeat.

Bomber Jacket

You might have noticed big-time gangsters from the crime-genre movies wearing leather jackets – or, I might say, wearing bomber jackets. Bomber leather jackets are the OG (original gangster) to rule them all. As much as it’s cool to wear them, bomber jackets are genuine fashion staples to be the owner of. Although the shape they’re incorporated with is simple, they’re versatile smithereens to go with almost any garment from your pack. Combining a simple zipper front, definite waist, and cuffs, and comes in a variety of leathers, a bomber jacket is one of those outwears that’ll level up your look effortlessly.

Field Jacket

When it comes to field jackets, not so many fanatics can be seen. Perhaps we can say it’s most underrated. However, its unmatched sleek design is all some of its wearers desire; field jackets are lengthier with front pockets and attached belted area at the midst (waist). Not everyone can style this drill fabric in the way they’re supposed to. Maybe that’s why we notice fewer brazen wearers for field-designed jackets. And because of its extended length, it’s warmer, unlike any.

Racer Jacket

Out of all the leather jackets emphasized herein, a racer jacket is the sleekest one with a touch of freshness. When you want a simple and minimalistic design in a leather jacket, a racer leather jacket is the one to purchase. This style is also known as “café racer.” With two outer pockets and a flap pocket inside, Racer Jackets are easy to wear and flatter.

As far as the number of leather jacket designs is concerned, they’re a great many, although the mentioned ones above are the top ones to consider while buying.

Things To Consider When Buying a Men’s Leather Jacket

If you don’t have leather know-how, you may end up with a fake leather jacket. I mean, let’s face it, the market is enormous. And every other day, new leather retailers are surfacing in the market. Hence, it’s crucial to get the best quality leather jacket to run it through many winters ahead. Here is how you can find the best quality leather jacket:

Leather Quality

Quality is one of the most crucial factors in a leather jacket that one must adhere to while buying. It can be difficult for most of us to determine a leather jacket’s quality. For quality, you should choose prominent brands. However, if you visit the neighborhood outlets, read jackets’ attached labels/tags to distinguish their originality. Pure leather comes from animal hides such as cattle, calves, pigs, lambs, goats, et al. If its tag shows it’s made from this/that animal skin, it’s 100% genuine.

Craftsmanship – The Needlework

It’s also essential to examine the jacket’s quality from its needlework. A prominent and reliable brand always incorporates its best work in leather jackets for increased customer dependability. In the same way, through its remarkable needlework, you can judge if the jacket is genuine or not. However, if you’re new to this endeavor, analyze jackets’ evenly stitching with no edgy threads rolling out of their scopes. That way, you can pick out the best leather jacket for yourself from any brand.

Quality Accessories

It goes without saying that quality speaks for itself. All you need to have is the ability to distinguish high-quality from poor-quality products. So, along with its skin quality, you must check its hardware and accessories’ quality to make a wise and long-investment purchase. Now accessories or hardware used in a leather jacket can be anything, excluding the skin. That includes zippers, buttons, chains, and metals, to name only a few. Make sure these attached accessories are strong, shiny, and work smoothly, giving you the seamless experience and touch.

Additional Consideration

In addition, you should purchase a jacket that fits you perfectly (there is no point if it doesn’t). You may as well find the perfect quality leather jacket of your choice; however, if it doesn’t fit you seamlessly, you must not consider it. Jacket fit is as crucial as the quality itself. So, make sure every angle or hole of the jacket fits you, from armholes to length and waist. Next, you should take color into account when buying a leather jacket. Black and brown are the most popular and worn jacket colors, although you can stick to your own favorite color. Just remember this: the color will stay on you for a long time (so don’t regret choosing it afterward). Our recommendation, choose either brown or black for a daring touch.

Lastly, if you’re an animal person or a conservationist and don’t want to wear them, worry not. We have faux leather jackets for you, too. Faux leather jackets are chemically composed leathers, imitating real ones. Markhor Wear is one of the leading brands that offer quality faux leather jackets for everyone. Check out its comprehensive collection now!

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