How To Make Bald Look Good? 5 Fashion Tips

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Do you know, many men who grace the covers of magazines are bald?

While we’ve seen many bald youngsters/men hiding either by wearing a baseball cap or other means, but to hide your baldness isn’t the right way. Trust me, I can feel that way! 

Gone are the days, when people especially bald ones, were facing it hard to make their look cool, but the latest trends have never felt them left alone. So today, I’m going to show you the 5 latest fashion tips for bald men that you can follow if you’re passionate about your personality. And you can feel good as a bald guy. 

Let’s have a look at them one-by-one. 

How to make bald look good? Fashions tips 

1. Grow a badass beard:

The given stat shows that men with a beard and a bald head are considered more appealing by women with various traits – dominant, strong, smart, and good-looking. Additionally, it bridges a gap that attracts women towards men, as it reflects a tough guy look. 

Another advantage of a beard is that it offers a decent combination with a bald head, makes you look elegant that hooks the viewer’s eye. Experts predict: men having a beard with a bald or shaved head looks younger than those, only have a shaved or bald head. 

My take, if you haven’t grown a beard yet; What are you waiting for? Try it and feel the difference.

2. Make a good physique and shape your muscles:

Want to stand among cool bald guys? If yes, then I’d recommend you set a routine for your fitness time – either at home or the gym. Building a decent shape/body isn’t that much difficult, but maintaining it is. You can make it right by exercising regularly, and in no time, you’ll observe that you’ve transformed into an ideal cool bald guy. Regular exercise not only adds beauty to your personality but also reduces stress and boosts your confidence rate. 

Muscles offer a tough look to a man while expresses their manly side. Therefore, the combination of muscles and a bald head depicts the true persona of a man. 

3. Untarnished and Smooth Scalp:

Taking care of your scalp is an important step that you should consider to look cool and smart. Moreover, having hairs grown inward and razor bumps creates an unpleasant look. So, you need to spend few bucks on a quality razor to avoid this problem.

To make your scalp smooth, you have to moisturize it as it will help to repair your scalp’s skin, which can be damaged while shaving your head with a razor. In addition, feel free to moisturize your beard as well because it’ll double your attractive look. 

4. Classical dressing and use of accessories:

Without classical dressing and the use of accessories, you can’t think about your cool look as it’s an essential process in everyday life. Dressing well doesn’t mean adding lovely colors, but it also refers to avoiding those loose and flimsy outfits. Instead, try fit-sized collared shirts, turtlenecks, and V-neck t-shirts. In the cold season, collared jackets can be another option for you to frame your personality.

For accessories, you can add and remove them according to your preference; it mainly includes sunglasses, caps, and watches. 

5. Burn your fat or extra tummy:

Burning extra fat allows you to enhance your manly look and maintain muscles at the right proportion to your body. So, you may avoid an extra tummy or a loose personality. And for some people, it may be challenging to do because it acquires to forget chocolates, sweets, pizzas, burgers, etc. Instead, try adding fresh veggies, fruits, and protein-rich food to your cooking list.


Baldness is mostly a natural process or maybe due to medical treatment like cancer. So, instead of being worried about it, you can adopt a positive attitude and try to have a keen eye on the aforementioned 5 fashion tips for cool bald guys. And you can confidently stand out in public. 

Zayn Shah

Zain Shah embodies the essence of modern elegance. With a heart captivated by the allure of fine fabrics and the thrill of new experiences, he shares his passion for fashion and lifestyle with a warmth and enthusiasm that is contagious. Join Zain on his journey as he navigates the world of trends, travel, and tasteful living, inspiring others to embrace their unique flair along the way.

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