How Muslims Celebrate Ramadan in the USA? Is Ramadan a holiday in USA?

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Ramadan is the month of blessings and is observed every year in the ninth month – as per Islamic and lunar calendar. Like in every country, Muslims in the USA also observe fasting.let start getting know How Muslims Celebrate Ramadan in the USA?

Fasting is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. During it, Muslims abstain from any sort of haram activities including drinking liquids, consuming food, sexual relations, and all other bad deeds, from dawn to dusk. However, fasting time may change as per their regional difference.

In the united states, Muslims from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds observe sightings of the holy month of ramadan in different ways, comprising fasting, giving charity, and customary Iftar at sunset for breaking the fast.

Historical Background of Ramadan in the USA:

However, some rumors said that Islam has recently established its roots in the USA, but it’s not true. The historic researches show that the first Muslims who celebrated Ramadan in the country were African Muslims. While some historians predict that their arrival in the USA seems to be in the early 16th century.

Consequently, in today’s time, the larger part of the Muslim population is the USA comprised of African Americans with some proportion of other Muslims, mainly from Asia and the Arab region.   

Is Ramadan’s First Day a Public Holiday or Not?

Ramadan’s first day in the USA is not a public holiday. Businesses work with their normal routine. However, Islamic businesses and organizations may reduce their working hours or change their shifts accordingly with the prayer’s time.  

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What do Muslims do in Ramadan In the USA?

Ramadan is regarded as the month of fasting for all Muslims globally. However, their celebration seems to be similar to other Muslim countries but is limited to some extent. To give you an account of some, here are a few;

  • Fasting: Muslims observe the month by fasting from dawn to dusk while abstaining from eating anything and doing any bad deeds. While, the fasting days may vary between 29 to 30.
  • Charity (Zakat): Muslims have many charity organizations in the USA, empowering numerous families by meeting their essential life requirements. During Ramadan, many Islamic centers and organizations donate a lot of money and things in charity to help destitute and needy people, especially during the time of COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Iftar: Breaking of the fast with a customary meal at sunset is considered as Iftar by Muslims, and American Muslims do the same with their own preferred meal.
  • Prayers: Muslims gather at the time of prayers in mosques or at Islamic centers to perform their prayers. Additionally, special prayers (Tarawih) are also added during this month, where Imam recite the whole Qur’an and other Muslims listen. This activity circulates till the marks the holy month of ramadan.

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Interaction of Muslim Community with Non-Muslims in USA During Ramadan: 

Many Islamic centers in the country usually invite the members of the Non-Muslim community to get together with them. Also, they are invited to their cultural ceremonies during Ramadan. Some Islamic centers organize different seminars with the aim to help Non-Muslims to get awareness about Ramadan. 

A Day of Great Merriment – Expected Date of Eid-ul-Fitr

After the month-long fasting of Ramadan, Muslims have a day of great merriment, i.e., Eid-al-Fitr, which means “Feast of Fast Breaking.” In New York City, on that day, there is a holiday for public schools and all workplaces. The expected date of Eid-al-Fitr for the year 2021 (1440 A.H) in the USA is May 13, 2021, According to the Fiqh Council of North America.

Conclusion: Muslims in the USA also celebrate Ramadan like all other Muslims around the world. Some historians believe that Islam came to America in the earlier 16th century, so the celebration of Ramadan in the USA had a long history. There are many Islamic centers and mosques in the country that organizes Iftar for the Muslim community, and Non-Muslims are also invited to join them in their celebration. 

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