How to keep clothes looking new? 6 new laundry tips to try

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Shopping is such a stress-buster for most of us. We buy clothes with so much enthusiasm and zeal. Maintaining our clothes is altogether a new task. There are a few materials that are wash-and-wear. But, there are a few types of clothes that need proper care for them to last long. You will notice that certain clothes fade or form lint after a few washes and look like overused clothes. Silk, cotton, linen, wool, and Pashmina materials need to be maintained carefully, for them to last long. 

Have you ever thought about why your clothes do not look new after a few washes? There can be various reasons like

  • Staining your clothes
  • Washing your clothes frequently
  • Using wrong methods to wash your clothes like
    • Wet washing the dry clean clothes
    • Washing clothes in warm water instead of cold water
    • Sweatshirts might shrink after washing
    • Using the wrong detergents
    • Using bleach to remove stains from the coloured clothes
    • Mixing clothes that release colour while washing
    • Hard-washing the woolens and stretchable material clothes
    • Gentle washing the denim 
  • Drying the clothes directly under the sun
  • Using the wrong temperature to iron your clothes

You can use these laundry tips to keep your clothes looking new for a longer time:

  1. Use the right detergent: We all tend to dump all the clothes in the dryer and wash them all together. We seldom give a second thought to the type of detergent used. We will use the same detergent for woolens, cotton, and coloured or white clothes. Results? Your clothes wear off easily in no time. It is always wise to use a soft and mild detergent for your woolens. The silk needs dry cleaning to keep the fabric intact. The cotton and linen clothes need starch after washing to keep them crisp and shiny. The white clothes need oxygen-based bleach to keep them white. You can use a fabric softener to avoid smelling clothes and keep the clothes bright. 
  2. Wash clothes inside-out: It is normal for an individual to put the clothes as they are, into the washer. It is the most ignored tip to keep the clothes new. Always remember to turn your clothes inside-out and then put them into the washing machine. Every wash can cause little wear and tear on the fabric. It is best to turn your clothes inside-out so the wear and tear start from the inside and not outside. Clothes with buttons, stones, or any other decorative material are saved if the clothes are washed inside-out.
  3. Air-dry the clothes: Drying your clothes in sun, can lead to fading of the clothes. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can bleach your coloured clothes and make them look worn-out and old. You can air dry your bright-coloured clothes, away from direct sun. This method keeps your clothes looking new for a longer period. 
  4. Use laundry mesh bags: When the washing machine does not have different modes of washing you can always use laundry mesh bags. Use the mesh bags to put your undergarments, socks, or small clothes that cannot withstand heavy washing. Laundry mesh bags keep the clothes safe from intertwining into other clothes. It prevents unnecessary stretching of the undergarments and socks. Laundry mesh bags prevent any rips or tangles in the clothes. 
  5. Wash in cold water: For tough stains, we always use warm water so that the stains loosen up and get washed in the machine. We do not separate the stained and not-stained clothes. We forget that not all the clothes need warm water for washing. It is better to use warm water for the dirty and soiled clothes. Rest all the clothes needs to be washed with water at room temperature. Hot water wears the clothes quickly.  
  6. Follow the washing instruction on the clothing labels: Mostly, all good quality branded clothes have labels with instructions about how to wash them. Do not ignore those instructions. If the tag indicates dry clean only, that means that a particular piece of cloth is delicate and might get damaged with regular washing. If the label says to wash with cold water, avoid using warm or hot water for that fabric. Woolens have tags indicating gentle washing or dry clean only. If the clothes say do not bleach, avoid using harsh detergents or bleach. 

Few careful steps taken can keep your clothes new and make them last longer. Before washing clothes, thoroughly check the clothes for stains or damage. Take appropriate actions to clean your clothes. Following the small tips mentioned above can keep your clothes new for a very long time and you can enjoy wearing your favourite clothes for a long time. 

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