Buck Mason Tees Review: Are they Worth Your Money?

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Are you looking for a brand that carries all the essentials for your wardrobe? It can be difficult to see all the wardrobe essentials at once. The best thing about wardrobe basics is how many various outfits and seasonal trends you can wear them with. While many brands follow the herd, only a select handful offer unwavering quality. 

Fortunately, Buck Mason is one of the best men’s wear brands that offer top-quality wardrobe essentials at an approachable price for the average guy. In this post, you’ll get an honest review of the Buck Mason tees and which is best for you.  

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What is Buck Mason? 

At any season of the year, the renowned American classic wear company Buck Mason offers clothing designs and a good assortment of gorgeous apparel for men and women. The company started as a straightforward concept in a garage and has now gained global recognition. Most of what they sell is rather neutral, and many of their clothing can be mixed and matched with various outfits. In addition to their neutral aesthetic, these pieces are bold in quality, and having a variety of wardrobe staples never hurts. 

Buck Mason Tees Review 

Buck Mason tees have class and character. It offers options for affordable basic tees, dresses, denim jeans, button-ups, and much more. They also have a few special collections with various outfits that fit a particular theme. The company tries its best to set a price point that most people can afford while taking into account the quality of its clothing. Since everything they produce is made in the USA, the quality can be expected to be very high. Of course, a thorough examination of the business’ operations necessitates an evaluation of its production methods, customer support, costs, and other elements. 

Here are some wardrobe collections that you must have from Buck Mason: 

  • Tri-blend tees 
  • The Slub 
  • Pima Classic Tee 
  • Avalon Knit Polo 

Let’s learn more about these in-depth! 

Tri-blend tees 

Tri-blend is a go-to tee made up of three different fabrics: cotton, rayon, and polyester. The tri-blend tee’s fabric is soft like a feather. The additional rayon and polyester offer softness and a little elasticity to the tri-blend t-shirts, making them much more pleasant to wear. Undoubtedly, rayon plays the wild card here, as it’s by far the least familiar material on that list. 

The Slub 

Another signature offering from Buck Mason is Slub Tee. It looks like a regular t-shirt, but if you look in the right light or a little closer, you will see the textured slub. The slub texture helps keep the shirt super soft and breathable. Some fantastic features of slub tees are: loosely knitted, lightly textured, 100% breathable, and it fits true to size for a full range of body types. It’s the best fit for a warm summer day. 

Pima Classic Tee 

The Pima Classic Buck Mason tees is a nice t-shirt with a modern fit and is entirely made in the USA. The best feature of the shirt is that it is not baggy or oversized but is super tapered. There is less variation in the threading because it is more tightly woven. You can get them in short and long lengths; you can also see how soft the t-shirt is in the white version.  

Avalon Knit Polo 

Buck Mason’s polo t-shirts are versatile; you can wear them for a get-together, golf, hanging out with friends, a formal event, or running errands. The polo suits guys with lean body types best since it looks like a broader upper body. It fits well with a flattering cut and fit, tight around the biceps, so if you work out, it’s even more flattering. You can try knit polo; it’ll be perfect because it gives a retro look, like a mix between a sweater and a polo. 


Buck Mason is a well-known American brand that offers a fabulous wardrobe collection. The brand has done a great job creating cool, durable, yet stylish clothing designs. Buck Mason loves fabrics like slub cotton, with its looser knit that feels comfortable after every wash. You could buy Buck Mason tees and have a cool-looking wardrobe.

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