Men’s Fashion Trends To Leave Behind In 2024

This year we are seeing a lot of changes in men’s fashion trends and it’s about time. At the start of every year we all aim to improve ourselves in some way. Whether this is going to the gym more, waking up earlier or changing our style of fashion, it helps us to think more positively throughout the year. Whatever your improvement is, it’s time to get cracking on with it. If you are fashion-focused, then you will know that last year had some questionable, and short-lived fashion trends that should not have come back. 

This isn’t to say that if you did follow these trends you should completely redo your wardrobe as this is unsustainable and it can be costly, especially with the world’s economy being threatened. But if you did follow some of the bad trends from last year, then chances are that you will have a few pieces that you won’t be wearing in 2023. If you do have these, don’t bin them, give them to charity. Trends come and go, and if you know fashion, you shouldn’t be following trends, you should be developing your own personal style made of timeless pieces. In this article, we will go through some of the worst men’s fashion trends to leave behind in 2023. 

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is a growing problem, it’s bad for the environment, the quality is awful and the pieces will only last you a couple of washes. This year, it is all about purchasing less but buying better quality and timeless styles. These cheaply manufactured pieces are fashion focused and are what fill the high-street stores. They are designed to be recycled, not last, so it’s important to check for quality over quantity in 2023. In addition, workers are exploited with cheap salaries and poor working conditions. 

This may sound all doom and gloom, but what can we do to remedy this in 2023? Well, it’s simple! Reduce the items you buy, and ensure that when you do make a purchase, it is quality items that will last. You can do this by researching the manufacturer and the brand itself. Also, ensuring you buy timeless styles instead of fast fashion styles will ensure that you are always on trend. 

Always Sockless

People have been wearing invisible or no socks for the past decade, and this year it is all about to change. We’ve all done it, and yeah, in 2016 this was all the rave, but we’re now in 2023. Obviously, we’re not saying to completely stop this, as in the summer season it’s pretty much unavoidable, but use this trend sparingly and when the weather calls for it. If you are still wearing no socks in the winter, this is too much. Dry ankles from the cold, and blue feet are not a good look. 

Sockless dressing has been popular for over a decade and has been one of the most widespread trends to have happened. From casual attire to formal attire, no socks have been incorporated into almost every style and outfit. In 2023, socks are back and it’s time to start transitioning your style accordingly. 

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have also been around for a good while, and if you are still opting for this style of jeans, then 2023 is your last opportunity to do so. If you are not ready to do this, don’t do it for yourself, but do it for your future children. We, men, have had far too many years’ worth of being scrunched up down there in order to look good. Newsflash, we can still look great with different silhouettes of jeans and trousers. 

As the pandemic came to an end, more people wanted comfort which started a movement away from skinny jeans to more tapered and looser-fitting jeans. Skinny jeans look dated, they’re not comfortable and they are not good for a man’s health. Instead, what you should be wearing are slim-fit, straight leg or tapered jeans. 

Muscle Fit Need To Go

Muscle fit is the same as wearing something too small for you. If you have put the effort and time into getting into shape by going to the gym a couple of hours at a time, watching what you eat and disciplining yourself, you are going to want to show it off, but tight-fitting clothes are not the way to do it. 

In reality, although you have put all that effort into building your body to how you want it, muscle-fit clothing undermines what you have achieved. No matter how good in shape you are, tight-fitting clothes will not look good on you, you will look and feel uncomfortable. Clothes will also trap sweat particles which result in rashes and acne. Instead, opt for clothes that are your fit, not only will you be much more comfortable, but the clothing will complement your silhouette better. 

Wraparound Shades

Wraparound shades are good for one thing, sports. So if you are an athlete such as a runner or cyclist, knock yourself out, they’re great for this. What they aren’t good for is fashion and style or combining them with your designer tracksuits or streetwear collection. If you have a couple of pairs, then sell them on a platform like Vinted and look for a pair of more versatile sunglasses. 

Some absolutely love the aesthetic, and who are we to judge them, but you can guarantee that when you look back at old pictures, your kids are going to be very embarrassed. Styles and shapes are abundant in sunglasses out there to choose from in a range of materials. The most important factor to consider with sunglasses is to opt for a shape that compliments your face shape. 


Footwear can definitely make or break an outfit. Some would even say they are the icing on the cake. You could have the most beautiful and stylish suit, but if you have bad shoes, it just loses the whole aesthetic. The same goes for your casualwear. If you have the wrong shoe on, it can destroy the whole aesthetic of what you are trying to achieve with your outfit. With this in mind, who on earth would opt for Crocs?

Crocs are quite possibly the ugliest footwear anyone can own and it is hard to take anyone seriously in them. If you have a pair, We hope your excuse is that you work in a kitchen or a hospital, because these are the only valid excuses for such a wardrobe malfunction. Yes, they may be very comfortable, but if you are wanting to up your style game, then they need to be out of your wardrobe. 

Leather on Leather

A leather jacket is something that every man should own, it’s a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. The issue with leather jackets is that people will often buy a cheap one that won’t last. Invest in a real leather jacket and you will find it will last you for life, so opt for a classic style. When you wear leather, you should stick to one staple piece per outfit and build your aesthetic from there.

Leather boots and a jacket work very well, you could even add a belt and watch strap, but if you are, then ensure that the leather is all the same colour. What you don’t want to be doing is wearing your leather jacket, with leather trousers and pair of black sunglasses, unless you want to be looking like NEO from the Matrix. There are some great ways to dress in a leather jacket, just don’t overdo it. 

There are many bad styles that should be left in 2022, follow these tips and you will be well on your way to enhancing your style. 

Zayn Shah

Zain Shah embodies the essence of modern elegance. With a heart captivated by the allure of fine fabrics and the thrill of new experiences, he shares his passion for fashion and lifestyle with a warmth and enthusiasm that is contagious. Join Zain on his journey as he navigates the world of trends, travel, and tasteful living, inspiring others to embrace their unique flair along the way.

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