Fashion Trends To Define Menswear In Summer 2024

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Want to get ahead of the curve so you can have the best wardrobe in spring and summer 2024? The best-dressed men are the ones that buy their clothes ahead of time, so they can be on top of the latest trends before anyone else. Fashion is a trickle-down business – meaning the items you see on the runway will soon be making their way onto the high street. Here are all the best trends for menswear in Summer 2024 – start incorporating these pieces now and be the best-dressed man in your town. 

Canadian Tuxedos

You read it right – the 90s called. Double denim is one of the biggest predicted trends for menswear in summer 2024. The infamous behind-the-scenes of Ryan Gosling shooting the upcoming Barbie movie has triggered a massive throwback in terms of men’s fashion. It’s now made its way to the runway as well. Doubling up on denim trousers and shirts/jackets was one of the biggest themes on the men’s runways recently. This is soon to be one of the biggest menswear trends in 2024. 

Baggy Trousers

What do Adam Sandler, Justin Bieber and Pete Davidson all have in common? They have started a massive craze for baggy trousers and long, skater-style shorts. The top fashion brands have gone wild for baggy, wide-leg denim trousers recently, and it has been dominating the men’s runways. There are many ways to style the baggy, wide-leg look – with either clean, bright denim or a worn, ripped style. However, whichever way you style wide-leg jeans, you’ll be ahead of the fashion curve. 

Space Age 

Top fashion commentators have predicted that the sci-fi spike in modern pop culture has also had an impact on fashion trends. Galactic, metallic material is set to be one of the biggest trends in summer 2024. Boxy, matching shiny outfits and galactic style shades have been spotted in top designer’s inventory this style season. You don’t have to look like an astronaut to achieve this look, however – a muted silver shirt may also achieve this look without looking too ‘space-age.’ However, if you want to take a risk, why not look for some shiny gold or silver jeans? 

Ditch The Shirt 

The runways and celebrity awards have been full of male celebrities wearing suits and formal wear without any shirt underneath. Initially, the look was roasted online, however many style trends often get ridiculed before they become a big hit. However, it might be best to not try this look at the office this summer. If you’re feeling daring, you might want to go to a casual party wearing a dark suit and no shirt. If you want to achieve a similar look but don’t want to forego a shirt, you could achieve a similar look by wearing a mesh top underneath your suit instead. 

Crop It

On the topic of removing shirts – it is predicted that shirts for men will get a lot smaller in summer 2024. The crop top has been a staple of womenswear for a while, however as fashion becomes more gender-neutral, it is predicted that men’s shirts will get more cropped. The world’s biggest designers are big fans of this look. The cut-off look is also a perfect look for summer, as it can keep you cool. Pair this style with some long jeans and a casual jacket in order to own this look in 2024. 

Wild West

Designers have been obsessed with wild west couture for quite a few years now, however, the trend has never really caught on. However, expert fashion observers predict that this look will actually make it to the high street in 2024. Silk western shirts, suede jackets, tassels and even cowboy boots were spotted on the menswear runways recently. Some models even went down the runway in leather chaps and cowboy hats! However, there are more subtle ways to achieve this look without copying Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. A subtle cotton two-tone western shirt paired with jeans can really get this look across without looking too ‘cowboy.’ You might want to even try out a cowboy hat if you really want to take fashion risks. 

Regal Purple

One theme which tied all of the menswear runway collections together recently is the amount of purple that was spotted. Mauve, lilac, heather, amethyst, violet – every shade of purple could be seen on the runways. If you want to pick a colour scheme this summer, or add a new colour into your wardrobe, purple is your best bet. Fashion commentators predict that this will be the defining colour of the summer. You can also mix multiple purple hues in one outfit this summer to really embody the season’s favourite shade. 

School’s Out For Summer

Or is it? Although many workplaces no longer require you to wear a tie, the tie has come back in fashion. The menswear shows were awash with neckties styled in multiple different ways. Collegiate striped ties, bright cartoon ties and skinny ties were all spotted paired with crisp oxford shirts on the recent runways. They are being worn tight and also loose, sometimes even as a belt rather than an actual necktie. Pattern-clashing and classic, the tie has come back in force. Break out your old school ties if you want to be in style this year.


The Rise Of The V-Neck

The V-neck is one of the classic fashion styles that don’t come back in fashion too often. They have unfortunately been regarded as a stuffy fashion pick for older men – however, recently it has become a high fashion favourite. Harry Styles has made the v-neck knitted sweater extremely popular recently, and it’s one of the best picks for summer 2024. They look great in casual settings, but can also be worn to the office. The v-neck doesn’t have to be knitted either- as the weathe rgets warmer, v-neck t-shirts may also be massively back in style. 

Daisy Dukes For Men

This is one of the key pieces which proves that fashion is becoming more unisex. Men’s short. shorts were a big thing in the 1970s and 80s – however, due to the rise of street fashion, long shorts were the most fashionable item for men. Despite this, it is predicted that micro shorts will be one of the biggest trends. Mini shorts in many different fabrics, such as leather, polyester and spandex were spotted this season. There are many ways to style men’s mini shorts – for a retro look, pair with some vintage inspired trainers and a muscle t-shirt. 

Brighter The Better

Bright hues will be incredibly popular in menswear for 2024. The pandemic caused fashion to become a lot more neutral and bland in tone, as nightclubs and social events shut to the world. However, now that the world has opened up, bright hues and tones are back. Tie die, psychadelic designs will be incredibly popular in 2024. Acid yellow, bright pink and vibrant oranges were all spotted on the menswear runways recently. Eye-catching, clashing prints and intense tie-dye will be some of the most popular looks during summer of this year. Why not take a risk and incorporate some of these bright tones into your summer wardrobe. It may completely revolutionise your casual look with some vivid mens twinsets


Looking to reinvent your everyday look? Get ahead of the curve and change up your wardrobe with some these predicted fashion picks so you’ll stand out in summer 2024. Not only will you be ahead of everyone else, it could change how you feel about your wardrobe. Get shopping today!

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