No matches on Tinder? 5 Best ways to get one!

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Getting no matches on tinder? Today, I will share some insights on how you can get matches on Tinder. As an expert in dating which is why people from all over the world call me for advice. After my own experience.

I do believe that there are many things we as men need to know about getting a girl on Tinder. Here are some of the most important things you need to know about how to get matches on Tinder!

Forget about what other people say. If they see your profile, they are not getting in there and talking to you. You are the only one who can make this happen for yourself.

You have seen guys on Tinder that have been on there for 2 years and still no matches. You might ask yourself ‘holy shit, what is wrong with those guys?’. Well my friend it is simple. They are doing everything wrong!

Most men get no matches on tinder because they don’t know how to get a girl on Tinder because the way they approach it is completely wrong from the beginning. T

here are many mistakes that most men make on Tinder which is why they don’t get any matches. Some guys approach girls with cheesy pickup lines or just say ‘hey’ and the girl would most likely unmatch them right away!

There are so many ways to find out if you’re doing something wrong on Tinder, and the best easiest way would be just to get a girl on Tinder!

That’s right, just get a girl on Tinder by somehow making her believe that you’re not trying too hard. Even if it takes you four hours to make her like you. It is better than not doing shit at all and still thinking about what went wrong.

Here are tips on how to get a girl on Tinder:

1. Be presentable

Men Fashion Tips

This is one of the most important things when it comes to getting matches on Tinder and that’s because you should never approach Tinder-like other social media websites such as Facebook or Instagram.

You should not just post any photo of yourself that you want to. You should be following the latest fashion trends. The photos you use on Tinder should be very professional and show that you are a real person with goals in the future.

2. Be positive

If your bio is negative, what do you think girls would think of you? They will just unmatch pretty quickly after seeing what kind of guy they are talking to, so make sure to make it positive.

3. Write a proper bio

Everyone knows that Tinder is not about words but it’s all about your photos. However, this does not mean that you should never write anything in your bio at all. You can still mention that you are working on music or something like that but don’t forget to tell her something interesting about yourself.

4. Start the conversation right away

Girls are not on Tinder for dating, so they don’t want to wait forever until you say something to them first. Even if it is just a ‘Hi’, she will most likely send you a message. But make sure to always start with an interesting message that will make them want to talk with you further.

5. Still youre getting no matches on tinder? pay for Tinder Plus


This is a great last resort to get more matches on Tinder, and it does work for many guys. With Tinder Plus, you can swipe right as much as you want so if all else fails, just swipe away!

I had a lot of success with these methods and I even made some girls think that I’m the one who paid for it! If this doesn’t work, you can always try another method until your current one starts working for you!

If you are not getting matches, it is definitely because of what I mentioned above. Make sure to follow all the advice given here and get your first match within a week! It might take some time but at least you will know what went wrong which will help you improve your tinder game!

You need to show her something interesting about yourself, if not she might think that you are boring or unattractive.

The best tinder pick up line is to make her laugh! Just try to say something funny even if it’s weird. Girls love these things and this is one of the best ways to make them want more.

Some guys will try too hard! Don’t do that, just be yourself!

Tinder can help you get more matches on Tinder if you know the correct thing to do. Try to follow all these tips and you will definitely see some results soon or later.

Good luck and remember that there will always be matches waiting for you, it’s just a matter of time before they come to you.

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