The Great Hair Debate: Taper vs Fade

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Welcome, hair enthusiasts, to the age-old (not really, but who’s counting?) question in men’s hair styling: taper or fade? 

As we traverse the jagged cliffs of hairline terminology, you’ll discover that while these two might be twins, they aren’t identical. It is a reality that not only a customer even there are many barbers who don’t know the difference between these both styles.

So, buckle up, and let’s dive into this hairy situation. Here is everything you are required to know about both styles.

“Taper” – The Polished Prankster 

First, let’s meet Taper. Taper is the more reserved brother, bringing a classy and professional appearance to the party. Don’t let the clean-cut image fool you, though. Underneath that polished exterior, Taper has a wild side. 

What is Taper? 

The taper is a conservative hairstyle having long hairs which gradually shortened from top to bottom on the sides and back. These hairs reach the ears and curve around the neck. Furthermore, to add a classic look, hairs are kept longer on the sides.

Where Does Taper Shine? 

Taper loves formal occasions. If you’re off to a job interview or a swanky soiree, Taper is your go-to wingman. It’s sophisticated yet understated, striking a perfect balance between professional and fun. 

“Fade” – The Funky Firecracker 

Next up, meet Fade. He’s the show-stopping brother with an audacious flair for style. Fade isn’t afraid to be loud, and proud, and to stand out from the crowd. 

What is Fade? 

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Fade is a haircut that generally has long hair on top but much shorter hair which results in fading down to the skin at any point on the back and side as compared to a taper haircut. This haircut has been incorporated into more hairstyles as compared to the taper hairstyle. For example: it included the best men’s hairstyles: comb-over fade, mohawk fade, and undercut fade.

Varieties of Fade 

Fade also has some fun alter-egos. There’s the “high fade,” where the transition to bare skin begins high up on the sides and back. On the other hand, there’s the “low fade,” where the transition starts much lower. And let’s not forget the “mid fade,” who likes to keep things balanced.

Where Does Fade Shine? 

Fade is perfect for those who love to express themselves boldly. Fade is a conversation starter, a daring, and modern hairstyle. Fade is ready to party whether it’s a hip-hop concert or a trendy rooftop.

Difference Between Tapered and Fade 

The top difference between a taper haircut and a fade is the blending of hair and the final look you have. A taper cut emphasizes a smooth transition of hair length from top to back and sides, having long hairs on top gradually decrease towards the back and sides. Fade cut focuses on a sharp contrast of shorter and longer hairs, longer on top and shorter on the back with sides. But this length difference is not gradual like Tader it is sudden with a sharp crisp look with shaved lines. Both styles are versatile and can be easily maintained according to preference and facial features that suit you. 

Taper vs. Fade: The Showdown 

It’s about the competition between taper and fade cuts. There is no point about who is best, it all depends upon your personality and lifestyle, which helps you to choose from these, which one will suit you. If you want a statement with your hair like the first impact highlights your personality then a fade cut will be your best choice. If you want a more versatile and conservative style then keep the taper cut on preference. You can approach barbarians, first of all, you have to visit an expert who can make amendments in any style which suits you according to face shape. Don’t get afraid of mixing the hairstyle and experiencing the new style either team taper or team fade. Keep in mind that whichever style you select, attain it with confidence, you can rock with any hairstyle by keeping a smile on your face. 


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