Best Watches for Men to Wear for Formal Occasions in 2024

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When choosing a formal watch to pair up with a suit and tuxedo, there aren’t any strict rules with colours and designs. Hence, thinner timepieces still hold a special place as most elegant ones in formal watches. 

Thinner watches have a rich history during formal occasions, complementing the aesthetic of suits and tuxedos and adding sophistication to profiles and any outfit. The harmonious balance creates defined lines while fitting under the cuffs and maintaining focus on the overall chorus of a man wearing all elegance with confidence. 

As we embark on this exploration of the essential formal watch for men, we made a hunt in this world of horology, where tradition meets innovation, and where the fusion of aesthetics and engineering results in a piece of art graces the wrist of gentleman. Join us as we unravel the elements that define the perfect formal watch—its design, materials, precision, and the lasting impression it leaves in both the professional and social spheres. If you think you are a true wristwatch enthusiast and you want these watches in your closet then you must go through watch discounts to avail discount on your watch shopping and save your money for your next watch in your collection.


The Rolex Sky-Dweller Steel White Gold is a true blend of luxury and functionalities. This is highly adaptive for business professionals, and often used by frequent travellers. It has an annual calendar function and dual displays.

The Rolex elegant design includes a stainless steel case secured with a white and gold bezel. Over a tailored suit and tuxedos, this watch would add sophistication.

It’s a perfect fit for business meeting attendants and especially frequent time travellers. As it combines functionality and aesthetic touch in one timepiece.


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Nick Faldo – It’s a limited edition watch that pays tribute to a renowned golfer -Nick Faldo. It showcases the cult design elements with clock hands ticking in the titanium case supported by an octagonal bezel of the Royal Oak collection. 

Titanium is a durable; rare material that adds exclusiveness to the watch’s outer and inner construction.

Royal Oak with its distinctive representation and high-quality craftsmanship, it’s an excellent pick for formal dresses. The thin design fits perfectly under a cuff, while the titanium bracelet creates elegance and much greater visibility. The grey micro-tappisserie dial has an eye-catching grace, that makes it a seamless fit at formal occasions. 

This watch is a classy admirer for athletes, especially golf enthusiasts as a luxury timepiece because of its association with a legendary figure in golf. This enhances its allure for golf-passionate people. Not only this, this model exemplifies the art of watchmaking and glorifies the admiration of sports. 


Patek Philippe Calatrava Gold 5119 – is held highly due to its exceptional craftsmanship and iconic status. It’s not a functional accessory but also a symbol of quality, tradition, and sometimes even luxury. 

This timepiece is classically sized 36mm. Due to its remarkably thin size, it is lauded across nations among different watch collectors. 

The warm gold case and watch’s minimalist dial with black-on-white Roman numerals outflow a sense of luxury and exclusivity, it complements formal attires. The simplicity sets on the wrist to blend with the refined aesthetics of a suit or tuxedo, leaving an impression of taste and refinement.


The Cartier Tank Louis Power Reserve is renowned for its classic functionality and exquisite style. With the added practical element, the watch features a power reserve indicator, that pays homage to the iconic Tank Collection and upholds its legacy of redefined timeless appeal.

The rectangular case in the Tank’s Collection makes it the best fit for formal wear. The clean lines and its balanced proportions radiate a sense of sophistication, complementing best suits. 

The vintage black-on-white Roman numerals add a touch of regal splendour surrounded by rose gold. This timepiece is a coveted choice for those who value aesthetics and functionalities and desire a useful wristwatch with elegance and fineness.


When you hear about Rolex Datejust, words like classic, timeless and versatile come to mind. Rolex Datejust truly fits the meaning and impression of these delicate words, which are often overly used in the world of horology. 

This iconic model of Rolex, Datejust, was launched in 1945. It has become a prototype watch for the modern era. This standard design is put together with the Oyster case, and date window, and comes in three designs. 

It ‘does not only transcend to fashion but provides you with an opportunity to design the watch with multiple permutations of bezels, metals, indexes, bracelets and dial designs to find a Rolex Datejust that suits your taste. 


Omega Speedmaster is known for all the good reasons. It offers a wide range of luxury watches with immensely alluring dials. It’s versatile and ideal for dress codes, suites and every kind of formal occasion. This has existed since 1957, and collectors are still going crazy to add it to their collection.  

Just like with the Datejust, well-known personalities, including Daniel Craig, have played a role in making this watch a favourite among collectors.


Patek-Philippe Nautilus is highly prestigious and a luxury known for its beautiful design and exceptional craftsmanship. In the world of horology, it is renowned as a symbol of elegance. Its distinctive features include the octagonal case with rounded corners. A horizontally embossed dial and an integrated bracelet, all contribute to making a perfect wrist timepiece to its timeless aesthetic.

It was introduced in early 1976, and since Nautilus is a highly sought-after luxury watch for its commitment to excellence. Nautilus designs are known for their precision, durability, and meticulous attention to detail. Due to its limited production and high demand, the Nautilus is often considered an investment and a valuable addition to any watch collection.

While Nautilus covers a spectrum of designs and blends functionality with style its watches are highly commendable to be worn with formals and as well as for casual occasions. 


Breitling Transocean is our final pick. Like other models, it’s not just a blend of style and functionality but it’s the universal timepiece that has the “unitime” function. They simultaneously display multiple time zones on the watch dial. It’s a convenient complication designed for travellers or individuals who frequently need to keep track of time in different parts of the world.

It is one of Breitling’s top models with attention to detailed styling. It is men’s casual and formal best wearer for every occasion. The Breitling Transocean is crafted by a renowned Swiss watchmaker, representing a pinnacle of luxuriousness. They are not just an accessory wear but embody an exquisite blend of forms of functions. The classic elegant design makes this timepiece a versatile companion for those with elevated taste.

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