6 Trend Alerts: Must-Watch Trends for Men to follow in 2024

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More men are taking pride in their appearance and choosing to express themselves through their clothing. Whether you’re looking for the latest trends to participate in or want to invest more in your style, there’s been a drastic shift in men’s fashion that is redefining contemporary masculinity. In this article, we’ll discuss 6 of the top trends to take part in, from men’s accessories to the latest hairstyles, here are our favorite trends to help you upgrade your look.

1- The power of a well-tailored white T-shirt

Ever since Hulu’s show The Bear came out, there’s been a lot of discussion about the power of a well-tailored shirt, as seen in their lead character Carmy, played by Jeremy Allen White. While the show’s option may be out of most people’s budget at a whopping $95 for a single t-shirt, we’ve cracked the code to find a budget-friendly option. Check out the tips below to help you find the perfect white tee for your body:

  • If you love crew-neck t-shirts, ensure the neckline falls just on the base of your neck instead of below it. Ensure the collar band feels high quality—not too floppy, but also not so stiff it’s uncomfortable.
  • For the seam on your shoulders, select options that line up with the tops of your shoulders.
  • Whether you like a tighter-fit tee to show off your muscles or like the look of a looser fit, the sleeves on your t-shirt should end around the middle of your upper arm.
  • Tight-fitting t-shirts are dated, so look for options with a looser fit from your pecks down a little looser.
  • In addition to a looser fit, ensure your t-shirts don’t fall below the button on your pants. If the t-shirt fits well in other areas, getting the length shortened by a seamstress is an easy (and inexpensive) fix!

2- Oversized sweater vests

Gone are the days of finance bros in Patagonia vests, and coming into the scene are sweater vests. A pop of color with an oversized sweater vest paired with a plain tee underneath cannot be underestimated. Opt for comfortable materials such as cashmere or wool to ensure you select a high-quality material that can last a lifetime with proper care. Remember to store your sweater vest folded (instead of hung) to keep it from stretching and losing its shape. Additionally, consider wrapping them in water-resistant materials for storage during the warmer months to protect your sweater from moths and moisture.

3- Wide-leg pants

Skinny jeans may have been all the rage a decade ago, but it’s finally time to put this trend to rest. Pants with wider-fit legs are coming onto the scene in men’s fashion, and they are also way more comfortable. These kinds of trousers don’t have to be exclusively casual either; you can dress them up to work as smart casual, smart, or streetwear. When selecting wide-fit pants, ensure they’re only wide in the leg and keep them well-fitting everywhere else. Additionally, select options in a high-quality fabric to keep their shape as you go throughout your day. Play around with different colors and options such as corduroy, linen, and more.

4- Get into accessories

men accessories

For decades, men have accessorized with watches and hats; however, today’s options for men’s accessories go far beyond some bling on your wrist. And if the dangly single earring isn’t your style (don’t worry, it isn’t ours either), there are an infinite number of options to add an extra layer of appeal to your outfit. While you may know more about investing in silver than silver and gold accessories themselves, we’re here to help. Check out these tips for getting into accessories:

  • Curate a collection of high-quality materials in silver and gold to ensure your jewelry lasts. Select pieces that align with your personal style, and avoid trendy pieces you’ll get bored of quickly.
  • Play with different textures, from different-sized chains to bezel jewelry and more.
  • Don’t mix metals to keep your jewelry from looking too busy. Select a colored metal that supports the dimensions of your features. Some people look better in gold, while others may look better in silver. If you really love the look of mixed metals, do it smart. Select pieces that have a silver or gold color profile, so you can incorporate the different metals with your other accessories.
  • Choose your jewelry to match your outfit, not the other way around. For example, if you’re wearing a baggie hoodie, a belt is an unnecessary addition.

5- Above-the-knee shorts

The 80s are making a comeback, and it’s time to show off those quads. Ditch the cargo and baggy shorts and allow a short inseam to take their place. Rather than the typical 9-11” inseam, check out options in the 5-7” range. From athletic shorts to casual and streetwear, the men’s shorts trend is leaning toward showing off those thighs.

6- The modern mullet

The “business in the front, party in the back” look is getting a major upgrade and is this year’s hottest haircut, allowing you to show off that strong bone structure. This upgraded style allows for fewer trips to the barber and permits you to add some extra length to those locks. To keep this hairstyle looking smart and able to fit in a variety of settings, from formal to streetwear, keep the sides well groomed and the length in the back not so long that it’s jarring. Have your barber fade the sides to your desired length and show off that fashionable head of hair.

Final Word

While these are some of our favorite trends for men, ensure you stick with options that match your personal style. From retro-inspired looks to add extra appeal to your outfits with accessories, what matters is that you look and feel your best in whatever you decide to wear. Whether you’re just trying to keep up with the latest trends or want to invest in yourself through your appearance, these trends can help you upgrade your look without looking dated. The future of men’s fashion is bright; all you have to do is explore it.

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