A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Hats: Styles, History, and Usage

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Hats are an exclusive accessory that somehow completes the definition of fashion in this modern world. Almost every dress code, either formal or casual, becomes a fashion symbol with the inclusion of hats. The word “hat” portrays an image describing the headwear as a big circular and hollow-shaped cap.

However, a vast variety of types and styles can amaze you. Luckily, this piece of text is going to enlighten casual readers, brands specializing in hats, customers looking for fashionable hats of different sorts, and even hat manufacturers regarding every interesting thing about hats.

Importance of Hats in the Fashion Industry

Hats play a vital role in generating revenue in the headwear department in the fashion industry. As customers have become aware of hair and skin care, they look for products that protect them from the sun as well as give them a fashionable look.

If you are looking to start a fashion brand based entirely on hats, your decision is not wrong. This article has already provided you with the most beneficial knowledge about hats and their types. A few more things on top of this knowledge can truly be a game changer for your brand. A lot of brands are already dealing in customized hats, which indicates the massiveness of income in the hat market. You can also become a profitable brand. Just get the products that stand out.

You can do that by partnering with expert hat manufacturers who can create the hats for your business and help it groom better. In doing so, you will be able to attract a great deal of customers. They will be helpful in guiding you about the fabric, colors, and several designs so that you can have a unique selling point in the market.

Understanding the market is also necessary. So, if you are a startup, ensure your success by studying the market trends and applying the innovation to your brand.


Origin of Hats

The origin of hats goes a long way back.; From the medieval era to the middle ages to modern times, we can witness the usage of hats for multiple purposes. The headwear didn’t only represent fashion but also rank and designation. In short, the particular piece of cloth was worn by different people for different reasons.

The most promising example of this is the plant fibers hats which used to correlate with European and Anatolian traditional rituals. Conical caps were a traditional thing in ancient Rome, worn by freed slaves. Those egg or oval-shaped caps were presented to the plebian class (the freed slaves in Rome).

The first Roman Emperor, Augustus Caesar, set the trend of not going out without wearing a hat. Helmet caps, in the medieval era, used to serve a more practical purpose by being ornamented with ranking symbols, the kingly power, and the feather for sovereignty. 

The 17th century was the era when Europeans started wearing hats indoors and outdoors.

Other than that, Hats of two types were common among men in the 17th and 18th centuries.

  1. Low-crowned was favored by gallants, aristocrats, and cavaliers. The hat had a broad brim that was cocked or turned upwards. It was a tricorne (with three sides) or a bicorne (with two sides).
  2. The round and stiff High-crowned hat. It was worn by Dutch burghers and American and English Puritans.

Considering the long history of hats and caps, their importance has become clear. In today’s world, fashionable hats of all kinds complete the outfits of stylish people. Whether you are wearing an overcoat or a classy leather jacket, a hat can make it look more prominent.

Pun-intended hats are much more than just the attire of magicians to pull rabbits out of them. 

9 Most Popular Types and Styles of Hats

As previously mentioned in the article, Hats have so many different types and styles that can attract people. If you are a hat admirer looking to start a brand, these types can help you choose the best hats for your business. Customers interested in buying funky, classy, modern, and decent hats can simply look at the styles and decide which ones suit them best. I have narrowed down the most popular types. So, have a look and make your decision.


01. Berets


Berets are commonly worn in the Pyrenees mountains. The Berets style came into existence in the 17th century. The regional origin of this specific type is between Northern Spain and Southern France, a Basque country. The Interesting thing about Berets is that they are also known as artist hats. They are made with synthetic materials, wool or cotton. Berets are soft, rounded, poofy hats that offer protection from cold and heat. We can also say that it gives a classy French look.


02. BaseballCaps


Baseball caps are mostly used in the USA and are considered to be casualwear and a snapback hat which can be flat or curvy in the front. The making of baseball caps includes six panels connected to the button in the top center. The fabric is all mesh except for the front two panels. The cap is perfect for multiple occasions and everyday use in order to provide protection from sunlight.


3. Cowboy hat

cowboy hat

Many people who have seen cowboy movies would understand the idea behind this type and why they are named cowboy hats. Also, the fabric of this particular kind is felt, leather, or straw. Cowboy hats are extremely wide and have turned-up brims.


4.Boater Hat

boater hat

The classic summer hats, which were popular in the 1800s and 1900s, crawled to the future and became a symbol of fashion in the 21st century. They are made of straws with a flat top and a ribbon surrounding the middle. If you are looking for a summer hat, boater hats can be the right choice for you.


5. Floppy or Big Brim Hat

floopy hat

Have you ever seen witch hats? IFloppy and big brim hats are a bit similar but not exactly the same. Their top is slightly longer, and the brims can be 10 inches, but usually, they are between 4 to 6 inches. Big brim hats became recently popular as women’s pool hats. They are made of tweed material and paper braids. Their perfectly unrounded structure makes it special by giving it a unique shape.


6. Bowler Hat

bowler hat

The bowler or derby hat is another fashion symbol of the early 1800s and 1900s that is adapted by the 21st century since people with an eye for a vintage look want derby hats for their wardrobes. The idea of bowler hats came from the movie characters of the 18th and 19th centuries. Considering you want to start a hat business, derby or bowler hats can be the perfect product for the customers. 


7. Boonie Hats

boonie hat

Surprisingly, the boonie or bucket hats came into popularity during the Vietnaim War. The hat was used to help stow small gear pieces. The fabrics used to make these hats are cotton, twill, polyester, and canvas, which make them soft and comfortable headwear. The wide brim can easily be folded and packed inside. But again, bucket hats have become a fashion statement in today’s world.


8. Trucker Hats

trucker hat

Trucker hats are similar to baseball caps but are differentiated by mesh panels. They have a back strap to adjust their fitness. Trucker hats are usually worn by all ages as they have gained massive popularity.


9. Top Hats

top hat

Apparently, top hats are the most popular and widely used type of hat. It is easily recognizable due to its structure, small brim, and taller crown. Top hats used to be the royalty symbol of higher class people in the 18th century. However, this type of hat has become a part of formal attire. People use it for fun activities as well, such as Halloween costumes or plays, etc.


Hats have always been a part of society, whether we go back in time to the ancient period or look at modern fashion trends. People use hats for multiple purposes, including showcasing their fashion sense at events, revealing their status in society, and playing a vital part in showing others their hobbies. Most importantly, brands are deeply interested in selling hats and caps to customers with a higher interest in looking stylish.

This article tells you the most interesting details about popular hat types. More importantly, the text can be of great help for startups to choose from the types and begin their journey in the fashion industry.

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