Shoes That Goes With Everything For Men

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As fashion has evolved to be more personal men want their fashion choices to reflect who they are. What do you wear today reflects your personality and the type of lifestyle you live.

One of the most versatile styles in men’s fashion is shoes . The style can go with just about any outfit, whether it is casual or formal. This means you can wear them to work and then out for a relaxed meal or maybe a night on the town.

The first thing you have to look before buying shoes is to find out what kind of style matches your personality and lifestyle . This means if you’re an office worker, dress shoes would be appropriate. If you’re more casual, consider sneakers or boots.

As long as you feel comfortable, there is no wrong choice when it comes to shoes. As long as they match the rest of your outfit and don’t look out of place, then that’s all that matters. When you wear these shoes with confidence , people will see your personal style and respect it . [more…]

list of shoes that goes with everything for men

Basic black leather shoes

the safest bet in men’s fashion, these shoes will go with just about anything. They can be casual depending on what you pair them with. Dress them up with a suit and tie for a formal event or pairing it with jeans and a T-shirt for an evening.


another great option for everyday shoes. Athletic or casual, these are perfect for wearing with jeans or shorts . If sneakers aren’t your style check out boots , which can be worn during the winter months and transition into spring nicely.

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Dress shoes

depending on how formal the event is dress shoes might not go with everything but are an excellent choice. Dress shoes are made for suits, but work well with casual ensembles too. They’re perfect for formal events or business meetings.


For lounging around the house on a normal days or a lazy weekend, slippers are comfortable and stylish . You dont have to worry about them not going with your outfit as they are safe, but if you feel the need to dress them up, try a nice pair of slacks and a button-down shirt.

Athletic shoes

another great choice as far as casual shoes go, these can even work for those who run or jog as regular exercise. They’re comfortable and versatile enough to be worn with dress pants or jeans.


 these are great for casual outfits, especially if you live in a colder climate . Like sneakers they can be worn to work out or for an evening out, depending on the situation. They’re versatile and stylish , making them good shoes to own even if you don’t need them to stay warm.

Cowboy boots

if you want a casual shoe that is unique and stylish , consider cowboy boots. These have been around for years and are great shoes to wear with jeans or slacks . They are even be worn as part of a suit if it’s the type of suit that has Western flair, such as those from Great Britain.


for the warmer months, these are great shoes to wear. They’re comfortable , casual and will go with just about any outfit you put them with. You can wear them out to the stores or just around the house doing chores or on a day at the beach .


very similar to flip-flops, these are great shoes to wear in the summer months. If you want something more dressy than flip flops, sandals can be worn with shorts, slacks or even some nice jeans .


Another casual shoe which is perfect for any occasion. These are slip-on shoes that have a rope sole, often with a canvas fabric upper. These can be worn with jeans or short sand look great when paired up correctly.

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There are many other different types of shoes for men to wear. Some look great with casual outfits, while others can be worn for work or more formal functions. When you want shoes that will go with just about anything, choose between sneakers , dress shoes , loafers or slippers . If you don’t think any of these match your personality, have a look at other types of shoes such as boots , athletic shoes , flip-flops and sandals . Any one of these options will look good when paired with the right type of outfit.

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