How To Attract A Gemini Woman

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Meet a Gemini woman. You will see she is friendly, versatile and willing to chat about anything. Those who think they know the typical Gemini woman should be aware that she has a lot of layers. Not surprisingly, because this sign belongs to the third dimension of astrology. In their core lives these women are not cold-hearted observers, but warm-hearted protectors of the weak. Their charm is their greatest strength, not to disarm an opponent, but to prevent him from taking her seriously.

The Gemini woman has many faces and the multiple layers she brings with herself will always interest your mind! Beneath the surface layer, there is another one. Under this second layer, another one and even under this third and fourth layer, there is a still deeper and mysterious element. The Gemini woman has nothing to hide except her deepest secret: it’s the Earth!

In other words, people who have to deal with a Gemini woman know what she feels from day to day, but getting rid of her brain can be as difficult as giving away a gemini woman’s secret: her emotional and material world. Although Gemini women never stop questioning the experiences they’ve had, because this is their nature, deep down they know how to love and take care of others in an unconditional way.

The dreamer with the fastest brain of all Zodiac signs finds it difficult to make up their mind. Gemini women are rarely influenced by the first sign they meet, which means that love can be a challenge for them. The fact that Gemini women tend to make very quick decisions about others is due to the sign of Taurus in front of her.

Here’s how to attract a Gemini woman!

  1. Be spontaneous, but not too impulsive
  2. Listen to her and take what she says into consideration
  3. Show your emotions – don’t be afraid to show vulnerability
  4. Be a good listener and give advice when needed 
  5. Never make promises you can’t keep 
  6. Keep the conversation going by asking questions about herself or her interests

Be spontaneous but not too impulsive

Gemini women are very curious people! They love to ask interesting questions and they are always interested in something that is new or that has just happened. If you want to win their heart, then avoid being boring at all costs.

But even if you manage some topics of conversation with the Gemini woman, do not make impulsive decisions or say something that you will regret later. Gemini women are very good at reading a person’s character and a flippant comment can be seen as a sign that you’re not to be taken seriously.

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Listen to her and take what she says into consideration

If you want to impress a Gemini woman, then you have to learn how to listen. To do this most effectively, you should not only hear the words that are being said but also pay attention to what is not being said.

Although Gemini women like men who can hold their own in conversation and they will always be stimulated by people with quick minds, they are not interested in men who do nothing but talk. Gemini women need to feel that what they say is being listened to carefully and taken into consideration before people make their own comments.

Show your emotions – don’t be afraid to show vulnerability

Being self-sufficient is not something Gemini woman does well. If you want to win her heart, then you need to show that your emotions are involved. Gemini women like people who take control of their lives, but they also adore sensitive men with the ability to express their feelings freely without feeling vulnerable.

Be a good listener and give advice when needed 

For Gemini women, nothing is more attractive than a man who’s willing to listen and give good advice when needed. They like people who can act quickly but they also love individuals with enough patience to understand the thoughts of others before coming up with their own views on things.

If you want to find out whether or not this Zodiac sign is compatible with yours, then take our compatibility test . To meet Gemini women or make them like you more, learn what triggers these women’s mind – our zodiac signs compatibility index will give you the answer.

Never make promises you can’t keep 

With Gemini women, flattery is something that never goes amiss. But if you say something nice to them, make sure you follow up on your promise or else it will mean nothing at all. They hate insincerity and once they get the feeling that someone is not being honest with them, their interest will start to wane pretty fast.

Keep the conversation going

Gemini women love to talk and they also like people who can keep up with their conversations and add something new to it every once in a while. Gemini women adore people who are not afraid to ask them lots of questions about themselves or their interests, so be sure to come up with your own questions every once in a while.


Gemini women are incredibly good at communicating with others. They are funny, interesting and very sweet people, but they can also be very fickle individuals. If you want to make this Zodiac sign fall head over heels in love with you, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Being easygoing is the key to win the heart of a Gemini woman and you should always take her feelings into consideration. If you manage to do this, then it is pretty much guaranteed that she will fall madly in love with you!

You need to be able to show your emotions and never make promises that you know for sure that you can’t keep. Be quick to act but also be patient enough to wait for the right moment. Gemini women hate insincerity and they detest people who are only interested in them because of their looks. If you want to win her over, then show her that you are interested in getting to know the real person behind the stunning facade.

If this Zodiac sign is compatible with your Zodiac sign, then take our zodiac compatibility test to see how good your chances are of making Gemini women fall in love with you. To know more about Gemini women or if you want to make her like you more, then take a look at our other articles on this particular Zodiac sign – they will all help you understand the mysterious Gemini women once and for all.

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