Does she like me more than a friend or not?

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It sounds like you really care about her and that’s awesome! It’s good that you want to support her through this tough time, but try not to stress yourself out too much. Sometimes it feels like there is something wrong with the relationship when the other person isn’t able to be as open with you.

Like I mentioned before, it can feel like they’re pushing you away and that there’s nothing wrong with you. It may not seem like it because she’s your friend but doesn’t give up on her!

She’s going through a difficult time and hopefully, over time, she’ll be able to open up more. She may not be in a place yet where she can give you all the affection and attention that you want, but if it’s meant to happen someday then it will (I hope).

If there is anything I could say to convince you not to give up on her is this: try not to focus too much on the lack of affection or attention that she’s able to give you. Instead, pay attention to the times when she does show affection.

Maybe it’s a small kiss before school or putting her hand on your knee while you’re watching a movie. These are all good signs and things that make relationships stronger (in my opinion).

The most important thing for you to do is to continue being her friend. If she’s your friend right now, then don’t give up on her! She needs you more than ever and if it turns out that this relationship can go further, then hopefully she’ll be able to express how much she cares about you.

I hope this advice helps! Best of luck with your friend!

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