why are women so complicated?

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No doubt most men and women alike have asked themselves this question at least once in their lifetime: “why do women resist change?”

Femininity is different from masculinity, which explains why are women so complicated than men. Some women experience feelings of guilt when they change because others will think they are unfaithful or disloyal to themselves or other women in general.

They have many emotions that they need to deal with

In their socialization process, women have been taught that being sensitive is a virtue. They are also taught that being emotional and having a lot of emotions is a sign of weakness. In the beginning stages of developing femininity, it is customary for girls to try to suppress their emotions with the aim of adapting to society’s standards of what is expected of women.

Instead, over the course of their life, some women begin to realize the importance of their emotions and start allowing themselves to feel them instead of pushing them down so as to create a better relationship with those around them as well as with themselves.

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why are men so complicated?

In terms of masculinity, men are taught that the only emotions they should show are anger and dominance.

This is why some of them become violent when their masculinity is threatened as a result of such emotions as fear, pain or sadness. There’s also a very thin line between love and hate in man’s vocabulary.

The majority of men feel sad because they are afraid of being accused of not being masculine if they show their emotions. They are afraid of being labelled as wimps or gay, which is why it takes them a lot longer to open up and express themselves freely.

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Why do women feel guilty when they change?

If at one time in life you have tried changing yourself for the sake of getting a partner or for your partner’s sake then you will be able to relate to this feeling.

This feeling is usually accompanied by thoughts such as: What if I change and he leaves me anyway?; What if she doesn’t like this new version of myself? What will she think of me?; What if I change and people don’t recognize me anymore?

However, all these thoughts are a complete waste of time. You can never expect to please everyone in life or even one single person that is for sure! But you have to understand that by changing you will help yourself grow as an individual.

In the process of being fulfilled, you will realize that you are not losing anything. On the contrary, you are gaining a lot more than you had imagined possible.

You will be surprised, how many people out there are just dying to see some positive change in your life! You’d be surprised at how everyone around you seems to want to help in whatever way they can be provided that it is of assistance to you of course.

What if I’m not ready to be responsible?

Many women are scared when they think about being responsible for another person’s happiness, when in fact this is the easiest thing that can happen in life. You have to understand that making someone happy makes you happy too!

It’s not selfish or egotistical to want to see the person you love happy. If you are in a relationship that isn’t supportive of your change, this is most likely not where you are supposed to be, because everyone needs support when it comes to taking on new challenges in life.

The people that truly care about you will always want to see you happy and successful no matter what. They will support your decisions 100% of the time because they love you unconditionally.

A woman is her own worst enemy when it comes to accepting who she really is as a person and allowing herself to be more confident in herself, but once she realizes that by changing for herself

Men and women want different things in relationships

Men want women to be perfect, but the truth is that no one is perfect. That’s why whenever you try to change yourself for someone else’s sake or for society’s expectations, he will find it hard to appreciate you because men like women who are confident in their own skin and who know what they want out of life.

If a man loves a woman, he will love her no matter what. The problem with men is that they resist change and tend to stick with the familiar rather than venturing into unknown territories.

It means that if you have been living in an environment where you have been criticized for being you then chances are that this pattern of thinking has become habitual which is why you will always seek love through this familiar way of doing things. The only problem is that your loved ones won’t be able to understand you and accept you if you can’t do the same for yourself first.

women will change their mind

If you are not comfortable, then chances are that this will spill over into other parts of your life. You will find it difficult to be confident about making decisions in general because no matter what the outcome is you will always blame yourself for any mistakes.

If you’re dating, don’t expect your girlfriend to be straightforward with you about her feelings

for you – she’ll let it show when she’s ready to commit to you. On the other hand, men are not like this at all! They will let you know if they want to be with you but only when they feel ready to do so.

She will always wait for him to make the first move because she is afraid of rejection and scared that he may not return her feelings.

It’s not easy for a woman to tell a man how she really feels because she will always fear that he may misinterpret her actions.

A man is always more confident when it comes to dating and courting women. He will always take the lead and make the first move every time! Even if you turn him down, he doesn’t see that as a rejection because he’s confident enough to try again another day.

It takes a woman a lot longer than a man to fall in love with someone and she will always be more guarded about who she lets into her heart. If you are going out on dates with someone then keep in mind that there is nothing wrong if it doesn’t feel right for you or if you end up feeling that it’s not going anywhere.


Do you want a man, who is going to love you for being you? Do you recognize what behaviours are attractive to men and which ones aren’t, no matter how much they may be rewarded in today’s society?

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